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What is Clickbank?

ClickBank is an affiliate network that brings together vendors and affiliate marketers. Vendors create products and services to sell. Affiliate marketers sell the vendor’s products or services.

When using ClickBank, a vendor creates an account within the system. The vendors define their product or service they are selling:

  • selling price,
  • commission % given to affiliate marketer for each sale,
  • a link to promotional material like banners and landing pages,
    and more.

The affiliate marketer also creates an account with ClickBank. They get an account id or affiliate id. After this, the affiliate marketer can now view and select the various vendor products and services available to sell.

ClickBank has over 200 million customers (vendors and affiliate marketers) in over 190 countries. Over 21,000 products are currently available to the affiliate marketer.

In other words, ClickBank has a great deal to offer the beginner affiliate marketer and the established marketer. It’s a one-stop-shop for the selection of products to sell, payouts, and marketing material.

Here are current high-level categories of products available for sale:

Arts & Entertainment

As Seen On TV

Betting Systems



Cooking, Food & Wine

E-Business & E-Marketing


Employment & Jobs



Green Products

Health & Fitness

Home & Garden



Parenting & Families

Politics/Current Events



Software & Services

Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs




Regardless of your interest, there’s something for everybody to sell.

How Does ClickBank Work?

First, it’s free to create an account in ClickBank. So just go do it. Viewing all the products that can be marketed, and the different payout structures, is an education in itself.

What sets ClickBank apart from other affiliate networks and stand-alone company affiliate programs, is ClickBank provides “metrics” on the products and services available for marketing.

Following are a few of the metrics ClickBank provides to help the affiliate marketer make better choices in what products and services to promote:

Opportunity Value:
Opportunity Value is calculated based on number of customers, the conversion of leads to customers, average commission per sale, etc. A higher value shows marketing this specific product is more likely to make money than products with lower values. This data may not be available for all vendors and products based on vendor agreements, etc.

Initial $/Sale:
The average dollar amount of the first sale made by the vendor.

Avg %/Sale:
The average commission percent paid out to affiliates for the initial sale.

Avg Rebill Total:
The average amount of a rebill (another purchase) made by the vendor for a customer. This number, and your recurring commission percentage, will give you an idea of future payouts once you’ve signed up a new customer.

Avg %/Rebill:
This represents the average commission paid to affiliates for rebills. Meaning, given the Avg Rebill Total and the recurring commission percentage, you get a feel for the amount you’ll make on recurring commissions.

This shows how many affiliates have successfully promoted this product. The higher the number, the more affiliates that are having success selling the given product. Although it’s an approximation, it’s a good indicator as to the ease at which the current product will convert or sell.

Advanced Search:
The metrics provided by ClickBank increase the affiliate’s chance of success. Combine these metrics with the Advanced Search ability – now you’re able to zero-in on the vendors’ products that have great payouts, are actively being sold, and a good recurring payout.

How You Get Paid

Sadly, PayPal is not offered as a payment option. Here are the options ClickBank provides to get paid:

A check is mailed to the account’s address and made payable to the account holder.

Direct Deposit:
A deposit is made directly into your bank account.

Wire Transfer:
If your country is not served by an international direct deposit, then ClickBank will provide a direct deposit.

ClickBank also provides the option to pay you via Payoneer, an international money transfer service.

What Is A Good ClickBank Strategy?

ClickBank offers the beginner an affiliate marketing network where they can join for free, learn, and try unique products and niches. It’s a great platform to select from an amazing number of products to sell, while having access to a great deal of information in the dashboard to help with your success.

The first step is to create an account and just look around. Checkout the different products and the metrics that ClickBank provides.

Next, determine what products fit your niche, website, or blog. Maybe health supplements will sell well on your fitness blog. Or maybe you feel more comfortable promoting stock investing products with Facebook ads. You can also choose by determining what products can make you a good amount of money by driving traffic to the vendor’s site.

Before you finalize your decisions on products, use the ClickBank Advanced Search feature to make sure you’ve chosen the products that are selling and have a good payout.

For Example, try the following ClickBank Advanced Search:

In this category: < “All Categories” > (to best get a feel for what’s available)
Gravity: Higher Than 10
Initial $/Sale: Higher Than 25
Avg Rebill Total: Higher Than 50
Avg %/Rebill: Higher Than 15

Pay particular attention to the products with the higher Gravity scores – these are getting more conversions or sales. Also, the higher Rebill payout will help with the recurring income from a customer’s continued payments.

Another search strategy is to look for products that have low-entry prices but higher ongoing returns. For example, a $5 ebook on learning to invest in stocks which transitions the customer to an upsell of a $99/month stock trading service.

For this strategy, lower the Initial $/Sale value.

In this category: < “All Categories” > (to best get a feel for what’s available)
Gravity: Higher Than 10
Initial $/Sale: Lower Than 15
Avg Rebill Total: Higher Than 50
Avg %/Rebill: Higher Than 15

An item that was returned on this search:
Category: E-business & E-marketing
Gravity: 15
Initial $/Sale: $2.73
Avg %/Sale: 75%
Avg Rebill Total: $773
Avg %/Rebill: 72%

In this case, the low initial sale of $2.73 gets the prospect to cross the threshold with the vendor. The vendor builds trust with the prospect. The vendor then (on average) goes on to sell the prospect $773 of goods and services.

Here, given the right marketing campaign (blog, FB Ads, SOLO Email), the payout could well be worth the investment.

Getting More Out Of ClickBank

ClickBank realizes it needs vendors and affiliates to be successful. In other words, ClickBank wants a win-win network. The more vendors they have providing products, and the more affiliates that are out there selling products, makes the ClickBank system work.

With that in mind, ClickBank has created ClickBank University 2.0. ClickBank University 2.0 offers 8 weeks of video training for the affiliate marketer to help them become a more skilled marketer. It’s well worth your time even if you don’t use the ClickBank affiliate network; for the video training is not specific to ClickBank, but provides general affiliate marketing concepts.

Here’s what you will find in their training program:

  • Copywriting
  • Facebook ads
  • Presentations from experts
  • Customer and Market analysis
  • And most importantly, the ability to access live-chat when you have a question

Again, all of this training will not only help you get the most out of ClickBank but will broaden your affiliate skills as a whole.

In Summary

Joining ClickBank is an absolute must for the affiliate marketer. Even if you do not market any ClickBank products – the training is most valuable.

So, if you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing, or an experienced marketer that wants to “sharpen the saw,” ClickBank University 2.0 is a good option for increasing your success.


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