GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program Review

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GroovePages was started in January 2018 – based on their trademark application and their declaration of “first use.” They’ve really come a long way in a short amount of time.

The reason for this quick growth of GroovePages is the founders are legends in the digital marketing industry.

groove pages founders

Mike Filsaime has been at the forefront of multiple million-dollar campaigns. He has a computer science background. Here’s a list of some companies he’s had his hand in before GroovePages: WebinarJam, Kartra, and EverWebinar.

Meaning Mike Filsaime is not just the CEO delivering a SaaS product for a board of directors – he has the experience, expertise, and vision to deliver a sales platform that has it all.

John Cornetta is one of the driving forces behind the eCommerce functionality of GrooveFunnels. He comes from a successful eCommerce background. He also understands teaching online and membership management functionality and needs.

Mattijs Naus has experience in technology and startups. He started Chilly Orange Software. He also developed Sitebuilder Pro that later changed to Pagestead.

Matt Serralta is the architect of GrooveKart. He has over 10 years of senior and executive management experience in operations and eCommerce.

GroovePages Becomes GrooveFunnels

It can be confusing to read about GroovePages and GrooveFunnels. As things have progressed over the development of the company, it is now officially called GrooveFunnels. And the affiliate program we’ll be reviewing is GrooveFunnels.

They made the switch from GroovePages to GrooveFunnels when they realized they were on to something by building the sales platform that does it all.

GrooveFunnels is now the umbrella-product-name and contains all the features of the sales platform like GroovePages, GrooveSell, etc.

We’ll be reviewing the GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program.

We’ve written an article on “What Makes A Good Affiliate Program?“ here. We’ll review GrooveFunnels affiliate program based on that criteria.

The following are the questions you need to ask yourself when choosing this program (or any program) to affiliate…

Is This a Product(s) Or Service(s) People Want Or Need?

The short answer is – Yes. Anyone selling anything digital, physical, or services, etc. needs to have a good-looking presence on the internet.

The pro-sellers inform, educate and sell through a website, blogs, sales pages and webinars, retarget using opt-ins and email campaigns.

All of these features exist or are on the roadmap for Groove Funnels.

GrooveFunnels is also creating a ClickBank-like affiliate marketplace for sellers and affiliate marketers. Mike Filsaime has stated that his goal is to create a marketplace where it’s free for members to post products to sell, will charge less than current affiliate networks for sales, and have 9 ways available for sellers to get paid.

A statistic worth noting:

“46% of small businesses do not have a website.”

Given the number of global sellers currently on the internet – and the number of businesses yet to sell on the internet – there is a large market for buyers of this service.

Company Offering Affiliate Program Must Be Reputable?

As we stated above, Mike Filsaime has a history of creating and growing top companies in digital marketing (WebinarJam, Kartra, and EverWebinar). He has the track record for creating a successful company.

The number of signups (40,000+ in a month) indicates the trust that digital marketers have in this program.

At the time of this writing, there has been no controversial or negative press regarding GrooveFunnels or any of the main founders.

Good Affiliate Marketing Management Team?

The GrooveFunnels affiliate management team is top-notch.

If you’re looking for GrooveFunnels information, in general like software updates, how-to, etc. you can join the public GrooveDigital Facebook group.

If you’re looking for GrooveFunnels affiliate information you can join the public GrooveJV Facebook group. In this group, you’ll get access to Joe Jablonski, the GrooveDigital VP of affiliate marketing. He’s a nice guy that is always very responsive and supportive.

Good Promotional Material?

Once you’ve signed up for a free GrooveFunnels account, you’ll get access to the affiliate’s dashboard where you’ll find your stats and all the assets to help you promote GrooveFunnels.

Here is what the affiliate’s dashboard looks like:

grooveFunnels affiliate dashboard

As you can see, they have all types of assets to promote GrooveFunnels.

Good Payout On Initial Purchase?

As stated earlier, GrooveFunnels offers a free account for life. When someone signs up for this through your affiliate link, you will not get paid any commission.

But the prospect is considered “tagged” and should they make a purchase in the future you’ll make a commission.

If someone signs up and pays for a lifetime plan, or a monthly plan when they are available – you’ll make a commission. This commission is the same rate as you’ll make every month they pay their bill.

Meaning there are no bonuses or increased commissions when getting a prospect to sign up.

The one note we need to make here…

The GrooveFunnels affiliate program was made public in 2019. From that time to July 2020 the terms of the affiliate program were – you get someone to sign up for the free or paid plan. And the person you signed up – was “tagged” to your account.

To clarify – if you get a prospect to sign up for a free account in GrooveFunnels, you’d get the full commission for anything that person paid for in the future.

Mike Filsaime changed these terms in late July 2020. He calls these new terms an “assist” program. Under the new terms, if you get a prospect to sign up for a free account and later (could be a day, could be 6 months) the prospect signs up again under a different affiliate marketer’s link – and they make a purchase – under the “assist” terms, the commission now splits between you (first tag) and the final affiliate marketer they signed up with (second tag).

Recurring Payments?

GrooveFunnels offers recurring commissions. You’ll get paid every month your signup makes their payments. If they upgrade their plan, you’ll get recurring commissions on that monthly payment too.

As stated before, once a business moves to a sales platform that offers as much as GrooveFunnels does – it’s hard to move to another platform. This is good for recurring commissions continuing to payout as time goes on.

Zero To Low Product Price Entry To Tag?

GrooveFunnels currently offers a free lifetime plan that gives you 3 project sites, 3 sales funnels, 3 custom domains and GrooveSell which is a shopping cart and affiliate program management.

It’s fairly easy to get someone to sign up for free lifetime offerings such as these.

Multiple Tier Commissions?

GrooveFunnels offers 20% commission (first tier) for those affiliate marketers in the free lifetime account.

If you’re in the free lifetime plan and one of your signups gets a person to sign up (second tier) and make a purchase – then you’ll make a 5% commission on the purchase made.

Both commissions are recurring for as long as the people signed up to make their payments to GrooveFunnels.

If you’re signed up and have paid for the lifetime platinum plan, you’ll make a 40% recurring commission for the first tier signups. And you’ll make 10% recurring commissions for the second tier signups.

Imagine if you signed up an influencer or famous digital marketer with a lot of followers and you received all those second-tier commissions.

Long Cookie-Lifespan?

Unfortunately, we could not find any information on the lifespan of GrooveFunnel’s cookie.

Read The Fine Print

As always, read the fine print. For example, this program allows giveaways of items to reward your prospects to sign up.

If you affiliate market for GrooveFunnels, join the GrooveFunnels Facebook groups and keep up on changes to terms and conditions. For example, Mike Filsaime’s change to “assist” program (change to 50/50 payout) was made public in a GrooveFunnels video that was posted to the Facebook groups.


The positives are…

A very good market exists for people that need this sales and marketing platform. And as time goes on and Mike Filsaime and team build it out, there will be more and more people that migrate to it.

For example, the ClickBank affiliate marketplace that is being built out will be a real magnet for both vendors and affiliate marketers as it will offer the latest features.

The commission rate is great at 40% recurring for affiliate marketers that own the lifetime plan and even 20% recurring for affiliate marketers that own the free lifetime plan.

Especially when these commissions are being made on the lifetime plan that is currently ranging around $1500 in price and the projected monthly plans that will be $99/$199/$299.

And when you realize that businesses that move to this platform and configure, use, and benefit from all the functionality being offered – they are not likely to jump ship and transition to another platform.

Get a prospect signed up that is an active user of multiple GrooveFunnel features and there’s a good chance you’ll get paid that recurring commission for quite a while.

The negatives are…

The only negative we can see is the “assist” program where you may get a prospect to sign up for a free lifetime account but the next affiliate marketer that gets them to (again) create a new account using the same email address and make a purchase – you’ll be forced to split the commission 50/50 with the other affiliate marketer.

Where to sign up…

Here is the page to sign up for a free lifetime GrooveFunnels account and get the 20% first tier and 5% second tier commissions.

Once signed up for the free lifetime account you can then upgrade to the platinum pro account and get the 40% first tier and 10% second tier commissions.

Note: This information was taken from GrooveFunnels site at the time this article was published. Terms, conditions, features, and benefits may have changed since then. Please do your homework before making any decisions.



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