Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Program Review

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Previously we reviewed the platform, Wealthy Affiliate. Click here if you’d like to brush up on everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers its members.

From that article, did you notice that Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program? The question now becomes, is it worth promoting?

To help answer that question, we published an article, What Makes a Good Affiliate Program that helps you judge whether a company has a product or service that is worth your time and effort to affiliate. Here’s a link to that article: What Makes a Good Affiliate Program.

But let’s take a shortcut and summarize what makes a good affiliate program and see how Wealthy Affiliate lines up.

Following are questions you’ll want to answer when you do your research:

  • Is The Company Offering Affiliate Program Reputable?
  • Do They Have A Good Affiliate Marketing Management Team?
  • Do They Have Good Promotional Material?
  • Is There A Good Payout On Initial Purchase?
  • Are There Recurring Payments?
  • Is There A Zero To Low Product Price Entry To Entice the Prospect?
  • Are There Multiple Tier Commissions?
  • Is There A Long Cookie-Lifespan?

Now, let’s answer these questions for the Wealthy Affiliate’s program…

Is The Company Offering Affiliate Program Reputable?

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005. That’s 15 years with a membership that has grown to almost 1.5 million subscribers. They also state they have almost 600 million different products their members can sell.
This checks the “Program Reputable” box. They base their business model on retaining members and adding new members – these subscriber numbers show they are successful at it.

Do They Have A Good Affiliate Marketing Management Team?

Kyle Loudoun is the Marketing Chief and Co-founder. Kyle’s the main spokesperson for Wealthy Affiliate. He’ll be the one that reaches out to you and keeps in contact.

Along with company ambassadors, there is the Wealthy Affiliate community that provides 24/7 support by answering questions, providing guidance, and supplying motivation.

Do They Have Good Promotional Material?

Like any other reputable affiliate program, Wealthy Affiliate has a dashboard for stats, banners, and links.

Where they differ from other programs, is they offer affiliate marketing training in the form of an “Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp.” This boot camp consists of 7 sections that range from finding the best keywords, to keeping it social, and understanding how to get the most out of pay-per-click advertising.

Is There A Good Payout On Initial Purchase?

The initial purchase for Wealthy Affiliate is not the best.

If your prospect signs up for the $19 deal for the premium membership, you’ll receive either $4 (if you’re a non-premium member) or $8 (if you’re a premium member).

If the prospect pays the standard rate for the first month of premium membership, you’ll end up with either $11.75 (non-premium) or $23.50 (premium) for the initial purchase.

Are There Recurring Payments?

The short answer is yes, they offer recurring payments.

For each member you sign up that pays for a premium membership, you’ll receive $11.75 or $23.50. The lower value is if you are a non-premium member, and the higher value is if you are a premium member.

wealthy affiliate pay out

Quoting Kyle in their Affiliate Boot Camp training:

“We offer lifetime commissions and lifetime cookies, which is truly unheard of in the industry. If you refer someone to WA, they are your referral FOREVER.”

Here’s where Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program stands out.

Their core product is website hosting. But in addition, they provide affiliate marketing training. Included in this training are money-making tips and continual support services. And in addition, they have an engaged and supportive community.

Once a member builds a website on their platform and gets entrenched in the community – chances are, they will not leave the platform. This is a significant benefit for the affiliate marketer.

For a member to leave the Wealthy Affiliate platform, they’d either 1) quit their business, 2) leave their website and start over on a new website hosting platform, or 3) move their website to their new website hosting platform. While moving a WordPress website can be done, it takes time to iron out all the bugs.

Meaning, yes they offer recurring commission for every month your prospect stays a premium member AND there’s a good chance your prospect will stay a premium member for a long time to come.

Is There A Zero To Low Product Price Entry To Entice Prospect?

There is a $0 cost to join Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone can sign up for a starter account at Wealthy Affiliate.

Your prospect can stay on this free plan for an unlimited time. Although, Kyle and team will do their best to entice your prospect to take advantage of premium membership.

Are There Multiple Tier Commissions?

There are no multiple tier commissions.

This means they do not offer the ability to sign up a prospect that signs up other individuals – and you make a commission from your prospect’s sign ups.

This is not a common feature with affiliate programs.

Is There A Long Cookie-Lifespan?

As stated earlier from Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate’s cookies have no expiration date.

This is a real advantage to the affiliate marketer.

Imagine your prospect, clicks on your ad, lands on the Wealthy Affiliate site and looks around.

Then a couple of weeks later decides they need to take action.

They return to Wealthy Affiliate’s website and sign up for the Starter Account.

Wealthy Affiliate reads that cookie off the prospect’s computer, it associates the cookie to your affiliate id – and you get the credit for signing up the prospect.

And this can happen, hours, days, weeks, months later.

There are scenarios where the prospect uses a different computer to sign up or accesses a different Wealthy Affiliate affiliate link – in that case, you won’t get credit for sign-up.


The positive:

  • Company has been around for 15 years and has ~1.5 million members.
  • Costs the prospect $0 to get into the system with Wealthy Affiliate Starter Account.
  • Good promotional material and free access to Affiliate Boot Camp.
  • No expiration date on browser cookies can give affiliate marketer credit months later.
  • Recurring commissions for as long as the prospect stays a member.

The negative:

  • No payout for prospects that open a Starter Account.
  • No second-tier commission payouts – this feature is not common.
  • Payout could be lower for the first month if they take advantage of the $19/month deal.

Bottom line…
…It’s worth a look to create a free Starter Account and review the options.



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