A Man, A Truck, and A Dog Become Affiliate Marketers

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Who doesn’t love a success story?

And how can you resist when it even includes a dog!

Meet Mike Rogers.  

When you think of the ideal background for an affiliate marketer, you wouldn’t think of Mike.  Even Mike would never have guessed that he would gain the success he’s enjoyed in this career that he more or less fell into.

Let me elaborate….

School was tough for Mike.  Not only were the academics challenging, but Mike always seemed to be awkward around his peers.  But, he overcame and not only graduated from high school, but college as well (I won’t share the GPA…but he did make it).

After college, he went to work in what he assumed was a “fancy office job.”  Ultimately, it turned out to be a glorified telemarketer position.  Being young, he bought a new sports car — on top of the college debt.  When the 2008 recession hit, Mike found himself $50,000+ in debt and laid off.  

But as life sometimes happens, this led to another, better avenue for Mike. 

Using some unemployment benefit money, Mike sent himself to truck-driving school.  It didn’t take long for Mike to realize that he was far better off driving a truck across the country (and Canada) with his dog than being stuck in an office job.

But the one thing that Mike did enjoy (other than driving cross-country) was to write.  So he wrote.

He wrote and blogged about what he knew – truck driving.  His blog was TruckingTruth and felt that as long as he was learning the ropes, he might as well help others and share what he was learning.  

And then came the $7 check that started it all.

It was Mike’s first realization that you really can make money online.  Granted, it was only $7…but what if he went after making money online in ernest?

Just five months after that $7 check, and now making a concerted effort, Mike started earning $2,000 per month.

Here’s where Mike’s life pivoted again.  

It was decision time.  

Mike decided to quit trucking in order to dedicate himself to affiliate marketing (although, to be on the safe side, he began affiliate marketing while maintaining a freelance job to guarantee income).  

After 14 months, and almost debt-free, the freelance job was out-the-door and not only was Mike creating a very comfortable living from his affiliate skills, but you’ll never guess what his office looked like!

Of course!  Mike went back on the road, only with a little more living space than what was found in his semi truck!  

This type of freedom is found in very few careers that have the possibility of being as lucrative as affiliate marketing.  The freedom to travel, explore, and go where the road takes you, all while growing a profitable business, was Mike’s true dream job.

The question is…

…is it yours?

If the answer is yes, then Mike has two suggestions for you:

Suggestion #1 – be patient.  Like almost everything in life, nothing comes without hard work and time.  But if you learn, practice, and work hard, then there is no reason why you, too, cannot share in a 6 – 7 figure income.

Mike did just that, and by sharing his story (normal guy making it on a large scale), it proves that you can put in the efforts and achieve success.

Suggestion #2 – perseverance.  The reason why most affiliate marketers don’t succeed?  They give up!  Sure, they go great guns for the first couple of months, but then life seems to happen and other things take their time away from achieving their dreams.  

So, make a plan, adjust the plan, and stick to your overall goals.  If you do that, and be patient, then you will be successful in your own affiliate marketing career.

And does Mike’s dog enjoy a flexible working schedule?  Well… you’ll have to ask him.

Mike can be reached at the following:


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