Can You Imagine…

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  • Becoming a millionaire affiliate marketer?
  • Making $9,000 in just four days?
  • Being accepted to six different universities, one of them offering you an $11,000 scholarship?
  • Being invited to share your success story at professional conferences?
  • Meeting and working with the world leaders in your profession?

And doing all of this while not communicating in your native language?

This is the story of Kulwant Nagi.

Kulwant grew up in Fatehabad, India, a very small community.  His parents could not afford to send him to an English-speaking school, so he was 16 before he could leave his small hometown and branch out to areas where he could use English in his common, everyday life.

Kulwant attended schools in India and received a diploma in electronics and communication and was accepted into the Institute of Technology and Management. 

But Kulwant wanted to get ahead of all of his peers in India and believed getting a higher education degree in the United States would give him an advantage.  So he studied hard and successfully passed all the entrance exams.  

As mentioned above, he got accepted into six universities, and one scholarship. He was terribly excited to make his dream come true.  But then his dreams came crashing down.  To work so hard, only to be told by his father that there was no way the family could financially support him to attend a school in the United States.  

His father tried banks, family members, and everything they could think of to give Kulwant this advantage, but nothing came through.

Kulwant was devastated.  From early in his childhood, he had aspired to “make it big.”  He saw how his family continually struggled, and he wanted to not only better his lot in life but also wanted to help his family.

How could he do this now without the proper education?

Kulwant shares on his blog, “Those days were killing me and I didn’t know where I would go and what would happen to me.”

As life sometimes happens, a network marketing company contacted Kulwant to sell, on commission, a video technology product.  

It didn’t take much convincing for Kulwant to jump right in, and this became the spark he needed.  He researched endlessly about the company and how network marketing worked.

He learned who the leaders were in this industry and started reading about their secret to success.  If they could do it, so could he!

It didn’t take long before Kulwant realized that if he could bring in this amount of money network marketing, he could just as easily start his own business and start working for himself.

But after all the research and contacts Kulwant learned and met during this period, he realized that he didn’t want to go after the network marketing world, but blogging and affiliate marketing fascinated him.

Clarification here if needed…

Difference between Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Network Marketing (also called Multi-Level Marketing) is when a person goes out and sells a company’s products on commission.  The marketer goes directly to the consumer to demonstrate products and make the sales pitch.

Affiliate Marketing is working with a company where you interest the consumer to a product via online advertisement, then direct them to that company’s website to purchase.  There is no direct contact with the consumer.

The affiliate marketer will interest the prospective consumer with well-placed ads on Facebook, Google, blogs, website banners, and other creative means.  When the consumer is interested in the ad, they click it and will go to either a landing page that further defines the product or straight to the company’s selling page.

Blogging was the avenue of affiliate marketing that interested Kulwant.  So he learned and perfected his skill.

As long as he was learning all this practical knowledge, he thought it best to share what he was learning about the blogging world so, in September 2011, Kulwant launched his educational blog site (

Here are five basic suggestions that Kulwant would like everyone who has ever considered blogging know and understand:

  1. Everything you need to succeed in online marketing is learnable.It might take time, but you can learn anything by watching the videos and reading the blogs.
  2. Blogging, online marketing or anything you do online is no less a business. Consider it your business and invest the money to grow it.
  3. Focus on ONE thing and do more research around that ONE thing. The Internet is filled with a lot of information that can distract you easily. Find your ONE thing and focus on it.
  4. Every professional blogger was once a newbie like you. Keep learning, implementing and improving. That’s the mantra of success.
  5. Learn how to manage your time. Read more books and follow the right mentors.

If you still need a little more encouragement to take the leap into affiliate marketing, listen to Kulwant’s own words:

“When I started reading books in 2011, I found most of the people who were successful in their life were businesspeople or entrepreneurs.

They had the luxury to work on their own time and spend precious time with their loving family.

Now we are living in an age where failure is impossible.

This ‘online type’ opportunity has given us so much freedom and resources you cannot fail. If you are a passionate, enthusiastic and action-taker person, your chance of failure is near to zero.

If you have the commitment and dedication to do something in your life, we are living in the best time of human history. Go pickup your phone and do the magic.”

Does Kulwant’s lifestyle sound appealing?

… Living a life of travel (you can affiliate market anywhere you can take your laptop)

… Meeting, learning, and socializing with leaders in affiliate marketing

… Attending conferences throughout the world to make unbelievable personal connections

… Reaping the benefit from your hard work, rather than earning a stagnant paycheck

… Having more time for family and friends

… Living the life of dreams

If you’d like to learn more about how Kulwant made his mark in the blogging/affiliate industry, and how you can learn from his success, contact him at:
He also has training on his website. 


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