A Blogger’s Dream: An AI Content Creation Platform

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Blogs and websites with informative articles are what makes the internet great.

Behind every great post is a blogger or a team of bloggers. With every blog, writers need to figure out what should be written with the following goals: entertaining, problem-solving, or answering a question for their audience.

After a blogger has written a good number of articles, it can be tough to determine what to write next. It’s the “blank sheet of paper” problem where they stare at the blank document trying to come up with an article that will bring the traffic and make your audience happy.

As much as some bloggers enjoy writing, it can be time-consuming. Anything that can speed up the process is worth checking out.

And if you’re a freelance writer or a business owner, time is money. Reducing the time it takes to write each article can save your business money.

Another requirement for blog articles is they need to be relevant – as well as interesting to your audience (also known as “bring the traffic” and “hope they stay for a while”).

When we at Prospector Panda find a tool or platform that meets the requirements listed above, it’s worth sharing.

Introducing Frase

Frase is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) content creation tool. It’s been developed by a startup company based out of Boston. A group of data scientists, software engineers, and marketers got together to create Frase. Meaning they have the right mix of technical ability and marketing knowledge.

This group understands that people on the internet are looking for “answers.” Which means people are basically asking “questions.” They propose that we now live in an “Answer Economy.”

In other words, if your site or blog post has the answer to the question that people (a lot of them) are asking – you win the prize (bring the traffic and possibly make more sales).

So instead of starting the blog writing process with a list of SEO keywords, Frase suggests you start your writing process with a question that needs to be answered.

How Frase Works

To begin the process, Frase asks for the topic of your blog.

Next, you get to select the data source for your analysis:

  • Open Web (sites like Quora, forums, etc.)
  • Google Traffic
  • Questions asked on your own website (Frase chat tools are available)

Given this initial topic and the data source, Frase uses its AI to categorize the questions that your intended audience could be asking. They call grouping “topic clusters” (or sub-topics).

Next, expanding on one of the topic clusters, which will display a list of article titles and reference links. These articles are asking and answering questions relating to the topic you’ve entered.

Now by selecting “Create Document,” which is next to one of these articles, creates a “Content Brief.” Here’s where the magic happens.

frase split screen

Frase provides the results in a page split into two halves. The left side is a blank page where you’ll create the rough draft of your article. The right side is a list of headings: topics, related questions, sections (competitors), statistics, and backlinks.

Here’s a closer look at the right side:

frase right side

Expanding one of the summaries gives an in-depth view of information.

Frase right side expanded

Given the list of summaries and citations of information on the right side, click to expand and read further. Click again to copy over to your document and start to gather supporting information.

This diagram shows what Frase Artificial Intelligence (AI) is doing for you:frase diagram final


  • Having higher quality articles your audience is searching for.
  • Saving time writing articles and blog posts.
  • Increasing organic traffic and better positioning in the search engines.
  • And maybe even a boost in your website sales.

Frase also offers widgets for your website for your visitors to ask questions and get responses. The data from these widgets can then be used to generate the same Content Briefs as described above.


Using AI and the vast amount of data on the internet to generate the answers to the questions your target audience is asking – is a game-changer.

Frase’s ability to guide a blogger in the direction of relevant content their audience is interested in, along with saving a blogger time on each blog article they write, is well worth the cost.

Frase offers a free trial to test drive their service.

Good luck writing!


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