Wealthy Affiliate Review

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WealthyAffiliate.com focusses on affiliate marketing for beginners, intermediate, and advanced marketers. They provide a website platform with over 7000 website themes for creating niche websites with the goal of selling products and services.

Wealthy Affiliate reports they have almost 600 million different products their members can sell.

The site’s membership has grown to almost 1.5 million members. One reason for this growth is the specific support for affiliate marketers in the form of training, web hosting, tech support, and an engaged community of affiliate marketers.

In addition, a member can create and host up to 10 websites in their premium account.

And because they host these websites on WordPress (a common application framework), should you leave Wealthy Affiliate – you can migrate your site to another WordPress-hosting provider.

Do you have an SSL Certificate (or HTTPS:) yet? If you haven’t heard, Google now requires an SSL Certificate. If you’re one of the many who haven’t set this up yet, Wealthy Affiliate installs and configures this for free.

They’ve set up the encryption between your browser and the server. With their website program, you will get the SSL Certificate properly installed via the “lock” displayed next to the URL in your browser.

ssl certificate

Without Wealthy Affiliate doing this for you, here are two options to choose from to get and install your SSL Certificate for each site:

  • Obtain a free certificate (using a service like “Let’s Encrypt”) but they recommend you renew this every 60 days.
  • Purchase an SSL wild-card certificate – these are around $75/year.

Or you can go with Wealthy Affiliate where they provide a pre-configured and installed “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certificate for each website you create as part of your subscription to Wealthy Affiliate – no extra charge.

Wealthy Affiliate’s free and automatically configured SSL Certificate is an example of doing whatever they can to remove the friction and obstacles that people encounter when starting out in affiliate marketing and setting up their website(s).

Next, let’s look at Wealthy Affiliate’s dashboard and its functionality.

Logging into Wealthy Affiliate puts you on the dashboard. Here you’ll see the news feed featuring the latest posts from members. Some have questions, others have success stories, a few are giving a motivational thought for the day. It’s a positive and supportive community.

Next, you’ll find the “Training” page hosting over 100 hours of video training.

One training section provides training for “Online Entrepreneur Certification” where you learn how to build a website that gets traffic, master social engagement, maximize your content creation, and more as shown below:

online entrepreneur certification

Another training section provides an “Affiliate Bootcamp.” Here you can dig deep into affiliate marketing:

affiliate bootcamp

Wealthy Affiliate also offers training in specific website areas:

  • WordPress
  • Websites
  • Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Ranking In Google
  • Creating Images
  • Hosting
  • Domains

One last word on training…
…although they’ve placed the weekly webinars under “Live Events” with a calendar and the ability to register – these are great training videos too. These archived webinars cover different topics like Google Analytics, Typography and Colors, etc.

Next we move into the website dashboard where you have access to your websites, domains, and more.

(In order to not make this blog too long, we won’t include every feature available, but here are some main supportive sections off of your dashboard.)



Selecting the “Site Manager” brings you to a high-level listing of your website’s vitals.

the site manager

From here you can quickly see if you have comments to respond to, a backup needed, etc. Having this high-level information in one location for all your websites will save time when managing multiple websites.



The Domains feature is one option where you can search and find an available domain for your next website. You can get a domain through Wealthy Affiliate or you can use a 3rd party domain registrar like Namecheap.


Site Feedback

Here’s one area Wealthy Affiliate sets itself apart from standard shared hosting services – the ability to request feedback on your website from a group of your peers – affiliate marketers.

request feedback

The first 20 comments are free. More comments will cost you a minimal fee. You can also earn credits by “offering feedback” on other marketer’s sites.

Meaning, rather than getting your mom to view your site and see if it “looks ok” – you can get feedback from affiliate marketers that have been doing this for a while.


Site Comments

This feature works a lot like Site Feedback. You’re reaching out to the Wealthy Affiliate community to take action on your behalf. But here, you’re asking them to read your blog posts and leave comments.

request comments

Not only does this show engagement to your website visitor, but it also helps in Google rankings. Google takes into account whether posts are getting comments (engagement) and may rank your site higher because of it.



On this page, you’ll have all mailboxes listed for each of your various websites. This is a convenient feature. Because of this, you can easily move through each website’s mailbox (info, support, etc.) and check for recent emails that need responses. You can have unlimited mailboxes for each website but you’ll be restricted by account storage limit of 30G for premium level.


Keyword Search Tool

Wealthy Affiliate provides access to Jaaxy for doing keyword searches. The Wealthy Affiliate free account offers 30 free searches to try it out. And Jaaxy is free with unlimited searches as part of the Wealthy Affiliate premium plan.

Here’s what Wealthy Affiliate offers premium members (Jaaxy LITE at no extra cost):

jaazy lite

Here’s what you’d pay if you purchased Jaaxy separately via Jaaxy.com

what to pay in jaaxy

This is an important point…

The monthly fee for the keyword search tool, Jaaxy (pro), is the same as the monthly fee for Wealthy Affiliate Premium and yet you get free access to Jaaxy as part of Wealthy Affiliate.

Paying for Wealthy Affiliate and getting SSL certificates, Jaaxy, and more bundled together for less than each purchased separately, is very enticing.


SiteContent – A Content Creation Tool

SiteContent speeds your content creation by providing templates for your articles and blogs. And when you’re finished with your blog post you can actually publish it to any website on Wealthy Affiliate.

Over 1 million free images are available to include in your blog post. Along with the ability to crop and resize them. These are automatically optimized for the web.


Ask A Question, Live Chat And Technical Support

There are multiple sources of help in Wealthy Affiliate. Besides the video training, there’s the option of asking your question to the community via a “classroom” or subject-area. Examples of classrooms are: Getting Started, Everything WordPress, Writing Content, and more. Besides technical support, this is a good place to ask questions on tweaking your website for better conversions.

Live Chat is available, but this is not directly tied into the Wealthy Affiliate support group. This is a live feed, where your question is being seen by community members all around the world – 24 hours a day.

What a great option when it’s 2:00am and you can’t sleep because you are trying to fix a problem. This supportive community will be there, providing you assistance.

Finally, Wealthy Affiliate provides access to their support team. This is done through filling out a form and submitting it.

Unfortunately, Wealthy Affiliate does not provide a 24/7 chat feature for accessing the support team. The probable logic is that since you have access to a community of over a million people throughout the world that will respond to your questions 24/7, that you’re apt to get what you need here.


Affiliate Programs

Wealthy Affiliate offers their own affiliate program for selling Wealthy Affilaite memberships. You have access to all the marketing assets plus a dashboard to view your stats. More information on their affiliate program can be found here.

They claim to have almost 600 million unique products that their members can sell. This seems like an outrageous claim, but here’s how they do this. They bring in affiliate products and services from multiple sources such as: ShareASale, ClickBank, Awin, CJ and more.

This gives you the ability to search this amazing list for products to sell via keywords, categories, and what’s trending at the moment. All within the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard.

Keep in mind, the information Wealthy Affiliate provides about the different products is more of a summary. To get more details on a product and how well it’s performing, you’ll want to go to the specific affiliate network listed in Wealthy Affiliate.

For example, Wealthy Affiliate provides products from the ClickBank network. To find ClickBank’s “Gravity” score – you’ll have to login to ClickBank to view the Gravity score for the product. More information on ClickBank and what it offers can be found here.


In Summary

Wealthy Affiliate offers five key features wrapped into one platform:

     – WordPress site hosting for up to 10 sites with unlimited email accounts
     – Free SSL certificate automatically installed for each site
     – Affiliate marketing training and ongoing up-to-date webinars
     – A keyword search tool to help in getting and growing organic traffic
     – A community of people that is very passionate about affiliate marketing and very supportive of each other

If you’re thinking about getting into affiliate marketing – or you’re trying to figure out where to host your website – it’s well worth getting a free account at Wealthy Affiliate and seeing all they offer.

You can sign up for your free Wealthy Affiliate account here. 


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