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YouTube is an affiliate marketer’s dream come true. It’s a platform that allows you to host your videos for free, share them with the world, engage with viewers and subscribers. And it offers a search engine. People can search and find your video from a year ago (or longer) – the one where you promote a product that still pays commissions.

On YouTube, the goal is to provide exceptional content that brings traffic. Not as easy as it sounds, but there are some things you can do to position yourself for YouTube success.

Let’s review a YouTube tool that can…

  • increase your search results,
  • give your YouTube videos that professional look,
  • manage all those glorious comments,
  • provide an audit to make sure you’ve covered all bases,
  • and even schedule when some of those videos are hidden or removed from playlists.

TubeBuddy was established in 2014 – although they report they’ve been working with YouTube for over 13 years in one form or another.

TubeBuddy has a browser extension (or browser plugin) that adds a layer of tools on top of your YouTube pages. Meaning your TubeBuddy tools are available as you work and create on your YouTube channel.

Let’s look at TubeBuddy’s features…

TubeBuddy lets you sign up for a free account.

Once you’ve created an account, install the TubeBuddy plugin into your Chrome browser.

After you install the plugin (and you’ve logged in), you’ll notice TubeBuddy tooling on your YouTube webpage.

Selecting the TubeBuddy icon on the page opens up the menu. From here you can get to the dashboard where you can manage comments and view analytics. You can also optimize your SEO, use the Keyword Explorer, and the tag manager in order to increase your video ranking.


As you move around the YouTube pages, you’ll get stats on the different videos, channels, and even search options.

Here’s TubeBuddy’s Search Explorer providing analysis on a search result.

tubebuddy search explorer

Given a specific video, here are the metrics to determine how well it’s performing.

wild horse search result

Features For The Affiliate Marketer

Returning to our goal of affiliate marketing (using a free service to provide awesome content that brings the traffic and sells products), let’s focus on how this tool would be used by the affiliate marketer.

Keyword Explorer

First, you want to get your YouTube videos found. Tag your videos properly so they show up in the search results. Use the Keyword Explorer, a YouTube keyword tool, to find keywords. Your goal is to find keywords that have little competition but are still being searched for. It’s easier to get your videos ranked by not competing with the most popular keywords. But you still need to use keywords that are being searched for. You may want to pick a smaller, more specific niche and focus on that. Meaning, pick less popular keywords and yet show up in the search results.

Suggested Tags

Another feature that can help with being found is “suggested tags.” These often provide the best tags to drive the most views to your videos. This should help your videos show up in the “related” section of other videos as well.

Thumbnail Generator

As with any content you’re putting out on the web, you’re building your brand. Your brand can be as minimalistic as just being consistent in content you create. Meaning using the same font style for each video’s thumbnail. Or it can be as involved as including your logo and profile picture on each video thumbnail.

Either way, it’s important to have clear, consistent thumbnails for your collection of videos. This will help distinguish your content from others and give a similar look to all your videos in your collection.

Comment Filters

Good or bad, comments on your videos is your community engaging with you. Your goal is to respond to as many comments as possible – this shows you are engaged with your community. Obviously, the name of the game is to create more subscribers. Being engaged and responsive help you do just that.

The Comments Filter feature allows you to filter through comments and find comments you’ve missed. TubeBuddy can also help find profanity or any negative sentiment.

Best Practice Audit

The Best Practice Audit feature helps ensure your video is correctly set up. In addition, it takes into account configuring the metadata. This provides a good final check before calling it complete.

Share Tracker

Remember, the goal is to get as much traffic or viewership as possible. Once you’ve created many various videos, it can be difficult to manage which social networks have broadcasted which video. Share Tracker provides a report showing where your videos have been distributed.

Competitor Upload Alerts

Have a solid, high performing affiliate marketer that you watch and learn from? Use the Competitor Upload Alerts to get notified when they upload a new video. And then use the Competitor Scorecard feature to see how they rate.

Time-Saving Features

One of the time-saving features is the ability to bulk edit Cards across some or all of your videos. This allows you to change a promotion link or other data without needing to go through each video.

You can also bulk edit End Screen Elements across some or all of your videos. Have some videos you no longer want to promote? No need to update these one-by-one.

There’s also the ability to “find and replace,” append or remove information from video titles and descriptions across your entire YouTube channel. Maybe your website has changed and you need to update the description. Maybe you’ve added a new social media channel and you need to add it to the description. Imagine doing this by one-by-one on your entire video collection.

Next, you may want to add a graphic overlay to some or all of your video thumbnails. Maybe you’ve changed your logo or brand and need to update it on all your video thumbnails. Maybe you’ve picked up a sponsor and need to add their logo to your video thumbnails. TubeBuddy has got you covered.

Another time-saving feature is to periodically check your video collection for demonetized videos and then bulk submit them for manual review. It’s sure better than doing this one-by-one.

Video Scheduling Features

TubeBuddy offers the ability to schedule when unlisted videos get published and added to playlists. This feature helps if you’re running a promotion that’s scheduled to start on a certain date. Or maybe you want the video to go live just before your newsletter/promotion gets distributed.

TubeBuddy also provides the ability to “sunset” or hide videos from public access at a specific time. It can also remove a video from a playlist at some predetermined time in the future.


Currently, TubeBuddy offers the following member perks for the YouTuber.

     – TuberTools:
       Graphics and video effects for the YouTube channel.

     – AudioHero:
       Royalty free music tracks and sound effects.

     – YouTube Virtual Summit:
      Grow your channel and monetize your audience.

     – YouTube Starter Kit Sample Pack:
       Video topics, thumbnail, end screen, and card templates.


One of TubeBuddy’s best features is the time it saves the YouTuber. By using this tool, you can concentrate on the content of your video – not the mechanics. So, get out there, let the world know all about you, and create the best YouTube channel possible. To do all that, is worth taking a look at.


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